Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Lambs

In the midst of many unfinished projects, two more have come to stay for the Easter weekend...and a while longer. Here's one of them, an Icelandic lamb named Yaeger.

Yaeger: I will follow you anywhere.

Don't try to resist his cuteness, or his hoarse little baa. One nibble on your pants leg and you'll be hooked. And here is his best buddy, Yanichel.

Yanichel: Are you a wolf?

Yan could really care less what you think of her. She had a rough start in life, but she hung on against the odds. She is a wild thing, and she's pretty sure I'm just a predator.

Mixing formula, cleaning bottles, and listening for quiet little cries in the night sure has brought back memories. They even wear a diaper while they spend the night in a large dog crate. It has been far too cold and snowy for two tiny creatures like this to stay outside without a momma to keep them warm. I wish blogs had Scent-O-Vision, because it's impossible to explain the clean straw/wool/baby smell of their fuzzy noggins when you smooch the top of their head.

When you approach them with a bottle their little tails wiggle so fast they blur...the phrase "two shakes of a lamb's tail" suddenly has meaning for me! Yaeger thinks the milk comes from me, not the bottle, so he happily nibbles any handy part of me until I insert the bottle into his mouth. Yan doesn't think it's worth letting me touch her to get milk. I have to be fast: grab lamb, insert bottle, and hold her head still until she decides the warm, sweet milk is too good to resist. Aren't all bottle-fed lambs supposed to be snuggly? Oh well. She does like a good scratch on her back.

I have a hard time imagining the grown ewe and (most shocking) ram they will become. Until them, I'll soak up every little baa and every woolly scent of our own Easter lambs.

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  1. I love this! The lambs are so precious. The differences between the two are interesting--a little like the differences in the way we as lambs, so to speak, approach God, either holding back and wary or running forward, nibbling with all our might. Thanks for posting this.