Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Squirrel Coma

I thought he was dead. Doesn't it look like he made an ill-advised jump and landed wrong?

I walked around the tree and got a good look at his face. Not only were his eyes open, but he actually blinked.

This is the tree that overlooks the bird feeder, one of his favorite spots. Dogs, lambs, kids, and grown-ups had been out in the yard all morning, and my best guess is that he got trapped when we came out. Evidently waiting for safe passage can be very, very boring.


  1. That first photo just looks, well, ridiculous! Silly squirrel. I've never seen one quite like that, and I've seen some strange squirrel poses in my backyard tree. I hope he made it out OK.

  2. He did! As soon as the whole herd went inside for lunch he took off. And he still visits the bird feeder every day!