Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Missing

We've lost two of our own. One of our 12 hens was found missing this morning, having left most of her feathers behind in the chicken pen. Missing without a trace is our one and only broody hen, and the contents of all the eggs she had been sitting on. She had half the coop to herself, and her own portion of the pen as well. That part of the pen borders another person's property--acres of overgrown grassland that harbors skunk, feral cats, raccoons, and fox, among other murderous suspects. Somewhere along that fence line someone burrowed through.

We were looking forward to having chicks around again. Because she was the only motherly hen, I was fond of her. To have her attacked while taking care of her eggs is a horrible thing. We had to tell my own two babies that there probably won't be any chicks this year, since she was the only hen who seemed devoted enough to be a momma.

Worse yet is knowing there's a killer out there. Tonight the coop will be safely locked up, and hopefully the pen will be secured by tonight as well. No matter how much we reinforce the pen, I suspect there will be two light sleepers in my room tonight.

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  1. Oh, how sad. It would be hard not to keep imagining, over and over, a painful, frightening end for her. Poor thing.