Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Sego Lily

Montana Sego Lily
On one very memorable trip to my husband's grandparent's ranch, my not-yet-husband proposed to me. We were standing on a hill overlooking a lot of high and dry range land that is dear to his heart. That ranch is where I first saw a Sego Lily. They bloom and wither quickly in early summer, so they are hard to find--but they're often abundant on the day you do.

A few days ago we went to visit our lambs, who have gone home to learn how to be Big Sheep on their Big Ranch. (Oh, and we were visiting their owners, too!) On a nice walk around their land we came upon a field of freshly bloomed, impossibly perfect Sego Lilies.

The connections in our hearts might seem convoluted to others, but there is a truth to them. If you look it up you'll find that The Sego Lily is the state flower of Utah. To me it looks like Montana, weddings, and the promise of new beginnings. And you'll never convince me otherwise.

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  1. Isn't it interesting how things like flowers--and songs, smells, etc.--become so attached to meaningful events in our lives? And those flowers, or whatever, are *forever* attached to those events. I love it. Thanks for the post.