Monday, August 15, 2011

My Man the Romance Writer

Road Trip
One of my favorite things about long drives is having time to sit and talk with my husband. He's not the type to sit in one place but on the Interstate there's no alternative. We chatted for a while until he asked about the short story I'm writing for a Christmas collection. "You should write about cutting down your own Christmas tree," he informed me. "I think that's the most romantic thing I can think of."

The "R" word is not one you usually hear from him, so you can bet I took notice. Without warning my husband, who has little interest in reading fiction and less in writing it, became a fountain of ideas for my story. It should take place in Paradise Valley, Montana, he said. Check. They should get separated. Hmm, interesting. She should get lost in the woods without him, he insisted.

I had to put my foot down on that one. Why? Because if he takes his girl out on a romantic trip to the mountains he better keep an eye on her, or he's no hero of mine.

At least an hour of Interstate went flying by as we batted ideas around. Some were strikes, some perfect catches, and most ricocheted. The cabin, the quilt, even the all came clear. Soon I had characters who were alive in my mind. And best of all was the moment when he turned to me and said with genuine surprise, "This is fun!"

I'm not sure he'll ever understand why I would rather spend my off hours writing rather than do just about anything else, but for one shining moment he understood. It can actually be fun.


  1. Your husband said, "This is fun!"? So cool! That's priceless. He had some great ideas, too, though I agree with you about your heroine getting lost. No hero lets his woman get lost!

  2. Cynthia, how fun that your hubby helped you plot a story and got so into the process. My husband has become my ace plotting partner. It's kinda hard to admit, but he gave me the idea for the opening of my upcoming debut novel, a great idea that led to several contest wins and an offer of representation from my Dream Agent. Whenever I run into a wall in my stories these days, I enlist Gwynly's help. It's such fun sharing the creative process with him.

  3. I think that's great, Keli! Sounds like you have a good partner there. I'm not sure my hubby is up for more stories, but if he is, there's ice cream in it for him. And congratulations on your novel (and your dream agent)!