Monday, October 17, 2011

The Beartooth Front

Soaking up the sunshine.
One of my favorite places in Montana is along the northern edge of the Beartooth mountains, often called the Beartooth Front. If you're only talking about miles it's not very far from Billings, but in terms of weather and road conditions, it's a world away.

Fires, droughts, floods, and blizzards here are epic. But on this Sunday drive, it was all golden tallgrass prairie and the horses are fat & warm. This is the kind of view that could make a settler pick this as a home, no matter what the oldtimers say about the eleven months yet to come.

Right on my annual schedule I turn to my husband and say, "I'd love to live here someday." He nods and ignores me. He might be thinking about the price of land...and the price of snowcats, shotguns, rattlesnake antivenin, and the tanning bed I'd need to treat my Seasonal Affective Disorder each winter.

Or maybe he's thinking about what my mood might be like after the freezing wind howls through the endless winter nights for a few weeks in a row as we're trapped inside our home, possibly without power, or worse, without an Internet connection.

No matter, it's autumn, and a girl can dream.


  1. I see you've thought it through, albeit through your husband's possible thoughts.;) I'm just relieved I won't have to take you down and talk some sense into you, especially since you've gone Karate woman on me.LOL

    You will just have to take lots of picnic trips there, to make up for not moving there.;)

  2. Wow, what a fabulous picture of horses and mountains :-) I've never been to Montana, but I hope to visit someday! It's absolutely beautiful! I hope God blesses you with your dream :-)

    -Gwendolyn from "Gwendolyn Gage ~ Serving Through Words"

  3. Thanks, Kris and Gwen! I am definitely a Montanan now, no matter where in the state I end up living. ;-)