Thursday, October 30, 2014

On The Leeward Side

A Windy Montana Afternoon
Being busy feels like being in a windstorm. It's hard to focus, everything is too loud, and you are more irritable than you want to admit.

Last weekend was a flurry of homework and extra projects, and this week was chock full, including events at school and four days worth of after school obligations. All that on top of the usual homework assignments, which put the measly amount of work I did as a kid to shame. My kids were feeling accomplished, and exhausted.

You know what we did? We bailed out. We cancelled three whole activities, each of which I considered un-cancellable. Then we got a wink from God when, for the very first time, neither kid had homework yesterday. You know what we did with that time?

Did we finally make that pumpkin patch trip I'd almost given up on?

Nope. We did nothing. Nothing in my house is playing on the trampoline, reading, drawing, and to my kids pure delight, watching TV. Lego worlds were created, I got to do some research I'd been wanting to do, and my husband was able to work on a project he'd wanted to finish for weeks.

My kids woke up in a calm, happy mood this morning. Of course they often do, which seems strange to their night owl mom, but maybe it was a little bit happier today. We're heading back into the storm, but there's a lot to be said for just stepping out of the wind for moment.


  1. It is interesting how you can refresh when you do nothing for a time!

  2. I think I could be very good at doing nothing if I practiced a little more. :-)