Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas In November

My front door on November 1st
I know, you just hate those Christmas carols playing at the stores in October, and you're tired of being told to buy stuff for Christmas before you've spent Thanksgiving with your family. I understand, but...

At my house, November 1 now marks the beginning of Christmas.
Every Christmas Day for years I had the feeling that I'd missed it. I rushed to visit loved ones, finish up the quarter at school, purchase emergency gifts, and attend the church play and school events. There wasn't enough time spent thinking about Christmas, God With Us.

Important memories weren't being made, too. My kids love the night when we load up on hot cocoa and drive through town looking at lights, and every year we've wished we could do it a second night. We are big fans of Christmas movies, and four Friday movie nights just aren't enough. And what about the evenings we just cuddle and stare at the Christmas tree lights?

So we started early this year. I managed to pick up a cheap, small artificial tree for each of my kids, and they got to decorate it however they wanted. This ended up being so fun to watch I'd recommend it to parents just for the entertainment value. This weekend we'll put up the family tree, which is always a time of remembrance as we pull out our ornaments. Maybe we'll put up more lights outside, weather permitting.

"More lights" because we have at least one string of lights up all year. I switch them around whenever I feel like it...wrap the tree, decorate the tree house, string them along our deck, it's all good. My next door neighbor now keeps some lights up all year, too. I have great hopes for the entire neighborhood.

So if you visit you should know we have mulling spices simmering on the wood burning stove, a wreath on the door, and possibly Veggie Tales Christmas music playing on a loop in one of the kids' rooms.

Hopefully we get our fill of Christmas spirit this year. If not, there's always January.

PS I enjoy making my own wreaths, but since it's going to be up forever I got this one from Home Depot and added a battery-run string of warm white LED lights. So far it's survived the wind!

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