Sunday, January 4, 2015

Inspirational Words for the Entrepreneurial Woman

Scarlet, strong, and laughs. For many years my “word of the year” has come from Proverbs 31. There’s nothing like that scripture to make me feel inspired, or rebuked!

But this year's a little different. I need a whole sentence, and it’s one I'm seeing in a new way.

My words for 2015

When we started my husband’s veterinary clinic years ago I discovered that entrepreneurs have a distinct set of traits (including unabashed optimism) I don’t possess. He was the go-getter, I was the what’s-the-cost person. The whole process was, and remains, an immense, shape-shifting monster that does not leave as much time to help critters as he hoped it would.

Life changed, God nudged, kids grew, and last year a small gap of free time grew in my work week.

As always, my free time was spent on writing and photography.

I began asking questions. Did I want to follow the rules of a company that may not put my family's schedule first? Was I willing to sign away my rights, especially electronic rights, in a digital age? As it turns out, I'm not. I began to consider starting my own business. I had found a monster of my own.

She considers a field. The double meaning of field, as in field of grain or field of employment, stirs something in me. The Proverbs 31 woman has a vision, and she considers it. She studies and wonders, will this take too much time from my family? Is this what God wants me to pursue?

And buys it. There is a cost in time, stress, focus, and money to create a new career. Am I willing to pay that cost? How do I protect my family from that cost? Out of her earnings she plants a vineyard. For a time, whatever she gains from that field must be sown back into it.

If she’s asked those questions and she’s still willing to move forward, she’s not after quick gain.

And it's a vineyard. It may not thrive. The final outcome is up to God. The Proverbs 31 woman makes smart decisions, but there is no guarantee that this field, the one she chose, will bear fruit for her.

The Proverbs 31 woman is not out to "flip" the field  because she’s planning something useful and beautiful. She’s all about bringing lasting blessings to the people around her.

My goal this year is to build work that blesses my family, blesses my clients, and brings glory to God. That includes the fun and less than fun parts. It’s about the long run, the planning, the pruning, and the desire to share the fruits of that work.

2015: She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard. Pr 31:16 (NIV)

What are your word(s) for 2015?


  1. I love this post, Cynthia, and as a newbie author, I especially resonated with this: "For a time, whatever she gains from that field must be sown back into it." Yup, for sure. I also love that you picked a whole sentence!

    I don't know if I have a word for 2015 BUT if I was to pick one, it might be "flexible." More and more lately I feel like that's what God wants from me...a flexibility that trusts him and doesn't hold so tightly to my own plans and goals.

  2. I just finished reading Sky and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was full of the kindness and love of family in small town Montana. It took me until June of this year to realize what I was meant to do. The events in Charleston broke my heart. What could I do? I have started a discussion about race on Facebook. It is a fearsome subject. I have a unique perspective and a faith that, like you, this is my journey. I wish you the very best. Keep writing.