Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bridge Bay Marina, Yellowstone National Park

The tall pines made a tunnel lit only by the yellow light on our headlights below us, and the ribbon of dark blue sky above. Hubby was driving the kids and I back from watching the sunset at Grant when we passed over the bridge. To our left the forest parted, and at first it looked as if fairy lights were floating in a sea of midnight blue.

Just like that, Bridge Bay became one of my favorite places to photograph in Yellowstone National Park. It just took a perspective shift. I tend to lean toward nothing but landscapes (or nothing but wildlife) when we visit YNP. Campsites don't often catch my eye. But the people-y places in Yellowstone can be just as lovely. Here's my favorite shot:

Bridge Bay Sunset

My family and I came back the next evening at sunset to capture this shot. But even in daytime the Marina had a peaceful quality to it:

This was a daytime long exposure with B + W 10-stop filter...I could have spent all day playing with this set-up as conditions changed. I don't usually have the opportunity to use it.
The vibe was different at night:
Still fun to photograph. I'd love to try it a little earlier in the evening when more blue is visible in the sky and water. I'll definitely be back!
Have you stayed at Bridge Bay? Let me know what you discovered there!

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